What is expected of you

A generous disposition of gratitude to God's generosity and graced gifts; a respectful presence of welcome to the praying community present at the retreat; a commitment to reading of scripture contemplatively; and in interior and exterior silence and stillness open to "know that I am God". The retreat is about God and God's direct and personal relationship with you.

Help make MARANATHA a sanctuary of grace where all who come can experience God’s love, forgiveness , gentleness, mercy, joy, and delight in all things. And see all things in God.

Please bring with you
Bible, journal book, writing materials;
Conformable and casual clothes, a light jacket /shawl, personal bath towel, toiletries. Toilet paper is provided;
Flat soft soled sandals for indoors;
Personal medicines and dietary food;
Mosquito repellent (mosquito coils are not allowed); and

A serene, quiet peaceful ambience for prayer;
Comfortable, clean surroundings and wholesome meals; and
Eco friendly natural environment, friendly to God's small creatures.

There will be no intercommunion in accordance with the teaching on the Catholic Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church n 1400 & 1401)