Management Committee

MARANATHA House of Prayer (MARANATHA) is indeed blessed to be supported by committed lay volunteers who devotedly serve in the Management Committee to oversee the management and administration of the retreat centre. Through their efforts and contribution, the Committees have kept MARANATHA financially viable and stable so as to continue to make Ignatian retreats available through the years, since its inception.

It is a Jesuit–lay ministry committed to praise and reverence God, and offering the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius as a way of discovering ourselves and noticing the forces that block and prevent us from being in a loving relationship with God; and learning from Jesus in the gospels the compassionate mercy of God. The 450 year old Exercises continue today in liberating us from unloving, and transforming us to see God in all things, and to respond and respond in loving ways.

The Management Committee of MARANATHA was dissolved on 7th December 2016. Interim Committee for MARANATHA is as follows:

Fr Christopher Wee, SJ
Patricia Lam
Caroline Peter Dabbi
Lionel Lai
Napatud Pilarico
Grace Chung

Acting Chairperson
Hon Secretary
Hon Treasurer
Building Maintenance
Coordinator Retreats Planning