[2020/CR/015] Calming the Storm: Finding God in Stress and Distress by Fr Peter McIsaac, SJ

Retreat is available for registration.

From 04 September 2020 6:00 pm until 06 September 2020 3:00 pm

"Calming the Storm: Finding God in Stress and Distress"

Great saints and mystics often passed through very difficult experiences and suffering in their complete embrace of God. They often see these experiences as important for their spiritual maturity. We know ourselves how we struggle to keep our “faith” alive in the turbulent periods of our lives: in our various forms of desolation, distraction, deception, delusion, darkness, and even dryness.

Our retreat will help to focus our prayer on discerning God’s light when we seem lost in darkness. In times of confusion it is helpful to have a guide, and so we will turn to St. Ignatius of Loyola to help us with discernment, and St. John of the Cross who has much to teach us about “the night”.